Assessment of Color Dimension for Anterior Fixed Prosthesis- Key to successful smile makeover

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A.Ashwatha Pratha, Jessy P, Subhabrata Maiti, Ravindra Kumar Jain


Colour matching plays a major role in achieving morphological and optical acceptance in community setting. It improves patients esthetics, satisfaction level and also the efficacy of the dentist. Thus this study focuses on dimensions of colour and it's importance in clinical application. The aim of the study is to investigate the colour matching of anterior fixed prosthesis based on hue,chroma,value.This retrospective study was conducted using records of patients visited private Dental College. A total of 350 consecutive case records of patients who underwent treatment with fabrication of anterior fixed prosthesis were retrieved after reviewing 32,000 patients. Relevant photographs from their records were retrieved.Software was used to analyse the dimensions of color.Obtained data were entered and subjected to statistical analysis. Descriptive statistics was done to present the matching of  hue,chroma and value.Chi-square association was performed to find the colour matching and its association with location of teeth and the performance of dental undergraduate and postgraduate students . Colour matching of anterior fixed prosthesis based on dimension of colour showed the prevalence of hue (96.3%), chroma (96.2%), value(30.5%). There was no statistical significance between hue, chroma (p>0.005) but value had statistical significance (p<0.001). Within the limitations of the study, hue and chroma matching are highly satisfactory but there is a deficiency in matching value. So, there is need of application of VITA 3D master and spectrophotometer for value matching which may further blend to patient's existing dentition and provide improved esthetics


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