Prevalence Of Missing Mandibular Anterior Teeth In Middle Aged Adults

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S.G. Vishnu Prasanna, Ashok. V, S.P.Saravana Dinesh


Aim of the study was to identify the prevalence of congenitally missing mandibular anterior teeth in middle aged adults. Hypodontia is one of the most common dental anomalies in permanent dentition. Loss of anterior teeth is multifactorial origin ranging from trauma, periodontal disease, dental caries and persisting oral adverse habits. Poor oral health and tooth loss have a profound effect on general health, quality of life and can lead to poor dietary habits. Evaluation of patients who reported with missing mandibular anterior teeth to Saveetha dental hospital. Data of missing mandibular anterior teeth was collected from out of 86000 patients reported for dental treatment in Saveetha University. The results were statistically analysed with SPSS software. The males were more common with missing mandibular anterior teeth and tooth number 31(26%),41(25.7%) were more common. Within the limits of the study, Males had higher predominance and 31,41 were most common mandibular anterior missing tooth. There was no significant difference(>0.05) between gender, tooth number and missing mandibular anterior tooth.

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