The influence of motivation and collaboration on organizational performance

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Ari Sutrisno, Linda Anggreni, Sekar Wulan Prastyaningtyas


Organizational performance is an important factor for business sustainability. Various factors, both internal and external can influence the success of organizational performance. The purpose of this research is to examine the influence of collaboration and motivation on organizational performance. Statistical data processed using Smart PLS with 295 respondents showed that motivation and collaboration have a significant positive influence on organizational performance. Employees' motivations are significantly influenced by individual competence and goal importance. While collaboration is significantly influenced by coordination and resource allocation. The results of this study confirm previous research, as well as give a new theoretical approach, especially related to the positive influence of coordination and resource allocation on collaboration which is certainly useful to enrich science in the field of collaboration and organizational performance. The managerial implication of this study recommends leaders increase collaboration programs and always maintain employee motivation in order to provide the best for the organization.

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