Entrepreneurial Pursuits Of Weavers In Low Resource Handloom Industry

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Poongodi B, Ramakrishnan G, Monisaa, Tharani S K


Handloom weaving is an age old craft which is passed from one generation to another as a family legacy which makes it like family business but lack of proper management skills such entrepreneurial skills this profession is not getting its due recognition resulting in a situation where this art is almost on the verge of extinction. But the younger generation is not very keen to continue this family occupation due to lack of recognition, low wages, poor working conditions and difficulty in raw material procurement and selling of finished products. And also, they face stiff competition from power loom which can easily imitate the design and can make the same design in less time. Weavers need to be enabled to interpret designs and technical advancements, convert them into final product within stipulated time. The individual weavers work under master weavers. The master weavers often get an advantage by maintaining a low transaction cost and social capital. The entrepreneurial functioning in this sector is quiet an interesting thing. Government also is working tirelessly in promoting this sector.

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