Participative Development Planning Process In Village Law Implementation: Case Study Of Pakis Village In Trowulan District, Mojokerto Regency

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Bambang Agoes Hermanto, Asfi Manzilati, Ahmad Ghazali, Munawar Ismail


This qualitative study aimed to determine the process of Village Law participatory development planning documents formulation. Village Law participatory development planning involved all stakeholders in the village. Village officials used invitation to communicate the Village Law. The invitations were addressed to village community representatives to attend hamlet level forum. Village officials explained the Village Law and Village Allocation Fund. However, the village head, village officials, and the community possessed a low understanding of Village Law. In addition, the community lacked understanding of village conditions. Therefore, the formulated documents in the form of village Medium-Term Development Plans did not synchronize with the Village Law participatory development planning standards.

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