Discourse Analysis:How To Use It

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Himashree Barman


what is discourse analysis ?”-It is really a difficult question. In briefly discourse analysis which we can say that this is a research method for studying the relation between spoken and written language to its social context. The oxford dictionary defines discourse analysis as  “a linguistic  a method of analysing the  structure of text of utterance longer than one sentence taking into account both their linguistic content and their sociolinguistic context, analysis performed using, the method  “ .Discourse analysis is  the  systematic study  of naturally occurring (not  hypothetical) communication  in  the  broadest sense, at  the  level  of meaning  (rather  than  as  physical  acts  or features). However,  a  survey of  the  literature on  discourse analysis  would  quickly  reveal that,  although  some  researchers employ the term   to  describe a  particular  kind  of  analysis, it  is  also  a  label  that  has  widespread usage across several disciplines with  diverse goals definding discourse. At first we all have to know what is discourse. Schiffrin ETAL (2003) note that their are “ Three main categories of Discourse Defination  ;These are anything beyond the sentence, secondly language in use and the third one a broader range of social practice that includes ton languets and non specific instances of language. You have to know what is happening in the conversation or know the language which is used by speaker for communication.

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