Scintillation Effect And Ask Modulation In Fso

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V.KrishnaMohan ,A.Nikhilkumar, P.Preetham, Metuku Shyamsunder


Optical communication (Free space channel) has wider bandwidth and portability over radio frequency communication.When an optical wave propagates through the atmosphere its phase, amplitude and propagation direction changes causing turbulence. Scintillation is the major factor of turbulence. It is measured by scintillation index (σ 12). In this paper we will discuss about the effect of scintillation and it’s parameters. The effect due to Scintillation is estimated with help of SLC model and Rytov variance model. AFree Space Optics (FSO) link with abit rate of 1.25 Gb/s with ASK modulation for a link of 4Km is designed..

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