Smart Farming System Using Iot Technology

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Subhra Debdas, Mohammed Abdella Arebu, Zakria Ahmed Wais, Dawit Shimeles Tesfaye, Chernet Asefa Adaye, and Yasin Jemal Sheka


Smart farming system is an emerging sector using IoT sensors provide information about farming areas and then respond based on the user input. We proposed in this paper to create an advanced agriculture system, which takes the advantages of state-of-the-art technology like Adafruit broker, IoT, and the Wireless Sensor Network. The paper focuses on making use of extensive technological i.e., IoT and smart farming system. Monitoring environmental conditions are the major factor to improve the production of efficient crops. IoT devices and communication methods related to wireless sensors encountered in farming applications are studied in detail. The system proposed in this paper uses ESP8266 NodeMCU, DHT11 Temperature, and Humidity Sensor, Soil Moisture Sensor, PIR sensors, mq135 air quality sensor, Jumper wires, LEDs bulb, exhaust fan, cooling fan, and live data feed can be monitored on serial monitor and Adafruit MQTT protocol platforms. This will allow the farmer to manage their crop easily and efficiently..

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