Realism As A Tool To Portray Desolated Jewish Victims In The Select Works Of Saul Bellow

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Ankita Vyas, Dr Shuchi Agrawal


The assimilation in the American environment post holocaust has proven to be a challenge for the Jewish community. Saul Bellow is one of the writers of 1940s America who has tried to portray the Jewish life of the immigrants in the US. His characters are life-like, wherein their trauma, pain and desolation have been portrayed in a very realistic manner which has allowed all Jewish Americans to relate to his characters and sympathize. The art of realism comes from observing and Bellow has mastered the art which comes out beautifully through his characters. The following paper is a study of two such characters Joseph from The Victim and Joseph from The Dangling Man. Although both the protagonists have the same name, but their journeys through alienation, family disputes and much more is different.

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