The Asmat Tribe's Perception of Parenting Style (Anthropological Studies with a Qualitative Approach)

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Lamhot Naibaho, Anil Dawan, Carmen M.Siagian, Maria J. Adrijanti Ekaratni, Elferida Sormin, Rachmat Willy Sitompul, Citra Puspa Juwita, Aartje Tehupeiory, Bernadetha Nadeak, Chontina Siahaan, Rully Devine Hutapea


This study discusses the perception of the Asmat Tribe of parenting style (anthropological studies with a qualitative approach). This research was conducted in Asmat Regency in four villages (Damen, Warse, Akamar, and Birak) from September to December 2019. The research method used was qualitative with descriptive analysis. The data sources used in this study are primary and secondary. Researchers carried out data collection by primary data collection with Independent Interview and Focus Group Discussion (FGD), direct observation and interviews with the stakeholders. The findings of this research are as follows: a) the perception of the Asmat Tribe about the role of children is not correct; b) the perceptions of Asmat Tribe about child ownership is low where parents give freedom to their children in various ways.

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