A Study Based On Academic Motivation, Which Leads To Self Efficacy

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Harishma.S , Sreelakshmi Anil


This paper is about the study  on the possible effects of academic motivation which will be result in high self-efficacy. Academic motivation help the students to maintain their personality, attitude, personal behavior etc. Academic motivation assist the scholars to growth their self efficacy the studies precisely factors the fundamental elements approximately how academic motivation enables the scholars to growth their self efficacy . The research paper exactly points out the major aspects about how academic motivation help the students to increase their self-efficacy. The study would like to conduct among the students mainly on enginnering to professional degree for collecting data required for this study. The research study method used here is Survey method through online questionnaire. The geographical area of the study is limited to the area of Kerala. Questionnaire was prepared and regulated through online platform and the sample size  150, for analyzing the data we used the statistical software SPSS for the research studies it make  our task very easy we use the  test for tool used regression for our data analysis and interpretation. The study aimed to find out the role of academic motivation in students to increase their self efficacy  . Academic motivation plays a major role in student’s life to lead their career

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