The Impact of Brand Ambassador on Impulse Buying Behavior: A case of Korean Celebrity as Brand Ambassador in Indonesian Market

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Natasya Nafisah Rambe , Nidya Anggie Chrisfanie ,Syarrah Rangga Putri ,Willy Gunadi


The recent phenomenon of brand ambassador has been recognized as a marketing tool in business industry. However, the conceptualization of Korean brand ambassador impacted on impulse buying behavior has not been addressed. The purpose of this study is to identify the underlying the connection between brand ambassador, brand image, brand awareness, and impulse buying behavior. Research model developed by comprehensive set of hypotheses were formulated and a methodology for testing them was outlined. These hypotheses were tested empirically to demonstrate the applicability of the research model. Using purposive sampling method, out of 541 questionnaires distributed, 489 were selected as samples. This research analysis is using PLS-SEM (Partial Least Square). With confidence level 95%, the result of this study showed that brand ambassador significantly influenced impulse buying behavior directly through brand image and brand awareness. These findings provide essential implications for marketers in business industry. For further research, researchers can use a wider range of respondents and many factors that influence impulse buying behavior, such as FOMO and hedonic shopping motivation..

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