Design and Fabrication of Low Cost Dual Axis Solar Tracker Mechanical Structure

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Thangavel Bhuvaneswari, Sun Cha Chee, C Venugopal, P.Velrajkumar, Khoo Zi Yuan


Global warming had been a serious issue these recent years, the use of alternative energy sources such as solar energy are being more important. To make it more feasible, the efficiency of solar modules must increase. Sun tracking system is one of the methods to increase efficiency. In this paper, design and fabrication of a low cost Dual Axis Solar Tracker (DAST) is proposed. The DAST and control system that control the movement of solar panel to ensure it is always perpendicular to the sun are discussed. The DAST system is a hardware and software system that automat-ically tracks the sun's location during the day. For optimum performance, make sure it's in the best possible position with the sun. When compared to a static solar panel, DAST has been found to provide 16 percent more power output. The low cost me-chanical structure has been fabricated and stress analysis had been performed. Rota-tion axis is control by stepper motor with pulley and belt, while the elevation is control by a linear actuator. It is proved that the low cost mechanical structure design can be used for automatic tracking system along with electronic design..

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