A Comprehensive Review on Energy Efficient Virtual Machine (VM) Allocation and Migration Techniques

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Suruchi Talwani, Jimmy Singla


Virtual machines (VM) are most frequently utilized by engineers as well as many organizations. Cloud computing is a framework that provides the feature of running another operating system on the same host machine without changing the mode of the system. From the last couple of years, the data centers are evolving enormously in complexity, size and energy consumption. One of the major challenges that are faced by the researchers is the reduction of energy used. Hence, energy management is the key issue that has to be a focus on thoroughly. Also, the energy can be managed by the appropriate allocation of virtual machines (VM). Many researchers have presented their work in order to maintain energy efficiency by using different techniques and methodology, but still, it lacks in its rationale. That’s why this study presented a road map of the research gap by which a researcher can analyze that how could energy efficiency be maintained. A number of artificial intelligence techniques used by the researchers for virtual machine allocation and migration and these methodologies also help to reduce the energy consumption are reviewed in this paper. The significant objective of this study is to analyze all the methodologies used by the researcher, and according to that evaluation, the best technique can be figured out. Additionally, this paper also assists in conducting future research work as it illustrated the several directions that can be used for further research work.

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