Women’s Perceived Challenges in Academic Leadership Positions

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Maram S. Jaradat,Mohammad B. Mustafa , Nusaiba Ali Almousa


The purpose of this study was to discover the challenges preventing women from advancing in academic leadership positions. It also investigated the scope of support and acceptance of women as leaders in their workplace including administration. The study tried to shed light on the challenges women face in leadership positions. The study was conducted in a private university in the United Arab Emirates from 115 academic women including (68) working in administrative positions and (47) in non-administrative positions. Data were collected using a quantitative web-based survey questionnaire. The results showed significant correlations between women being on top leadership positions and the challenges of un-motivating environment (.311**), husband’s disapproval (.262**), work/life balance (.311**), lack of confidence in women (.221*) and lack of self-confidence (.186*).

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