Actan SymbolsIn Indonesia's Digital Fiction (Digital Semiotic Stylistic Perspective)

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Nensy Megawati Simanjuntak, M.Pd. Prof. Setya Yuwana, M.A Dr. Suhartono, M.Pd.


The Purpose Of This Research Is To Find, To Describe The Actual Symbols That Exist In Indonesian Digital Fiction, And As A Requirement In Completing Doctoral Studies. This Research Method Uses Qualitative Methods With Phenomenological And Narrative Approaches. The Data Sources Are Ten Applications Containing Digital Short Stories And Ten Applications Containing Digital Novels. All Applications Are Taken From The Onlineplaystore Store. Selection Of Data Sources Based On Certain Criteria, Namely: Rating 3+ To 18+, Most Downloads, And 4.0-50 Reviews. While The Research Data Are Words, Phrases, Clauses, Sentences, And Paragraphs That Contain Actual Symbols. The Data Analysis Technique Used Descriptive And Hermenutic Techniques. The Technique Of Testing The Validity Of The Data Used Triangulation, Peerdebriefing, Guided Discussion, And External Auditors. The Result Of The Research On The Narrative Symbolization Of The Characterization Of Indonesian Digital Fiction Is That Indonesian Digital Fiction Is Rich With Actual Symbols. Actual Symbols Include: Subject, Object Sender, Opponent, Helper And Receiver. The Functional Symbol Consists Of Six Aspects, Namely: The Initial Situation, The Transformation (The Proficiency Test Stage, The Main Test Stage, And The Brilliance Test Stage) And The Final Situation. The Actual Symbol Represents The Values ​​That Apply In Indonesian Society, The Character Of Modern Indonesian Society, The Shift In Traditional Values ​​To Modern Values, The Existence Of Strong And Close Kinship Ties, The Existence Of A Feminist Movement, There Are Two Values ​​Adhered To By Modern Indonesian Society, And The Involvement Of Readers Or Netizens. In The Works. Through This Research, It Is Hoped That Researchers Can Create A Combination Of Theories For Digital Fiction And Digital Fiction That Can Develop Into Literary Works That Are Rich In Values ​​And Culture. The Combination Of Good Quality Work, Technology, Virtual Space, Media, And Virtuous Netizens Will Make Indonesian Digital Fiction Develop In A Better And Higher Quality Direction. With The Increase In Quality, The Next Stage Of Digital Fiction Can Be Used As An Asset For The Indonesian Nation In The Category Of Indonesian Literature Cases. 

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