Social Impact Of The Development Of Suai-Beasu Toll Road Infrastructure Megaproject

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Constantino Godinho


In This Study The Researcher Chose The Topicsocial Impact Of The Development Of The Toll Road Infrastructure Megaproject With The Purpose To Determine The Situation Of The Social Impact Caused During The Implementation Of The Suai-Beasu Toll Road Infrastructure Megaproject Development. The Problems Faced By The Community Needed To Involve Stakeholders In Decision Making Process And A Number Of Alternatives Are Used For Solutions. These Problemsare Due To The Different Characteristics Of Society Which In Turn Have Caused Conflicts Of Opinions. To Resolve These Conflicts Stakeholders Choose Alternatives That Are Considered The Best And Is Accepted By All Parties. Subarsono (2005: 23) Explains That The Formulation Of Policy Issues Is Crucial, But All Of These Do Not Get Enough Attention. Furthermore, The Modernization Theory Explains That In General, Underdeveloped Countries Will Follow The Same Path As Developed Industries In The West So That Later On They Will Also Become Developing Countries Through The Modernization Process (Light, Et Al, 1989). However, This Theory Emphasizes That In Essence An Underdeveloped Society Needs To Overcome Its Various Shortcomings And Issues So That It Can Get To The "Take Off" Stage Towards An Economic Development.                  This Research Method Uses Descriptive Qualitative Research, Because The Qualitative Approach Is A Process Of Research And Understanding Which Is Based On The Methodology That Investigates A Social Phenomenon And Human Problems. To Obtain This Data, According To Miles Hubermen, Activities In Qualitative Data Analysis Must Be Carried Out Interactively And Continuously Until Valid Data Is Obtained. So In A Process Like This There Is What Is Called Data Reduction, Data Display, And Conclusion Drawing / Verification (Sugiyono 2017: 246-252). The Results Of This Study Found That There Was A Conflict Of Opinions Among The Community Due To The Lack Of Socialization Of Information About The Construction Of The Supply Base And The Construction Of Toll Road, Which Led To Pros And Cons Between Land Owners And Stakeholders And Workers As Victims Of Road Construction Who Did Not Have Any Attention From The Government. Other Experiences Faced Were That The Relevant Implementing Ministries Of The Toll Road Megaproject Contruction Were Blaming On Each Other On Flaws Occurred. 

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