The Temporary Militarization (In) Of Public Security In Mexico: Tension Between Security And Human Rights

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Gastón Julián Enríquez-Fuentes


In Mexico, The Constitution Has Been Reformed To Temporarily Authorize The Armed Forces' Action In Peacekeeping Police Duties. On The Basis Of This, On 11 May 2020, The Presidential Decree Ordering The Army To Participate In Public Security Work Throughout The Country Was Issued For Up To 5 Years.

The Research Demonstrates Through An Analytical Method That The Army's Public Security Work Is, Unfortunately, In The Light Of The Criteria Of The Inter-American Court Of Human Rights And The Supreme Court Of The Nation A Constitutional Normality Of A Transitional Nature In Mexico. In This Context, An Important Challenge For Democratic Institutions Is To Defend The Fundamental Freedoms Of The Citizen Against Possible Excesses By The Power Of Constitutional Reform. This Leads Us To Conclude That The Absence Of A Liberal Constitutional Identity That Builds A Debt Forbidden To That Power Of Reform, Further Guaranteed By An Institution Entitled To Control It, Is A Threat To Human Rights In Mexico.

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