A Global Hrm Challenge: Cross-Cultural Adaptation

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Dr. Anant Deogaonkar, Dr. Rajesh Vaidya, Dr. Chandan Vichoray


With The Advent Of Globalization, Many Corporations Have Been And Are Endeavoring To Beat Their Competitors Worldwide. With The Increase In Globalization And Companies Opening Various Subsidiaries In Different Countries, It Is Becoming Enormously Important For Organizations To Have A Heavy Focus On Cross-Cultural Human Resource Management In Order To Survive The Fierce Competition From Both Local And Other Mncs. With The Extensive Review Of Literature, This Paper Aims To Get A Clear Picture On The Issues The Organizations Face Regarding The Communication Styles, Attitude Incompatibility And Conflicts Across Various Groups Due To Cross Culture In Human Resource Management As Well As The Ways In Which Organizations Can Overcome These Issues And Help In Adapting The Cross Culture In The Organization. This Is An Imperative For Better Adaptability By The Employees And The Managers And A Need To Step Up For The Smooth Functioning Of Various Operations.

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