Student Career Development Center Program: Preparing Qualified Vocational High School Students Towards World of Work Qualification

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Ulani Yunus, Yossie Trenanto


Concerns about a surge in unemployment due to the quality of vocational school students who do not meet the World of Work standards are of grave concern to the Indonesian government. Through the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Indonesian government continues to support existing departments at vocational high schools with the ultimate goal of reducing unemployment. In realizing the goal and integrating with the school curriculum and collaborates with industry, business, and the world of work (IDUKA), the Indonesian government facilitates the Student Career Development Center (PPKS) in all vocational high schools. However, the Student Career Development Center's performance has not been published toward students' increased interest to work after graduation. This article focuses on applying industrial culture to academic activities based on the number of graduates employed in the industrial sector. This study was designed with a qualitative approach, namely extracting as much data as possible from the research object and supported by data on graduates who were employed and student parents' expectations. The program is carried out according to the schedule made by the principal and his team. In cooperating with industry, business, and work (IDUKA) and monitored by MITRASDUDI and the Research Interest Group - Cross-Cultural Communication, Binus University, this program runs well in a certain period.

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