Stopping the course of the judicial litigation and dropping it, a study in the Jordanian Civil Procedures Law

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Feton Ali Badran, Dr. Mashal Mufleh Jarrah


Explaining cases of stopping and dropping the litigation and their reasons in the Jordanian Code of Procedure, the problematic of this study is to explain the stopping of the Jordanian legislator from cases of stopping and dropping the litigation and the adequacy of the legal texts regulating it in Jordanian legislation. The two researchers followed the descriptive and analytical approach in analyzing legal texts, particularly the texts of the Jordanian Code of Civil Procedure, the jurisprudence, and the opinions of the jurists. Likewise, the comparative approach, whenever necessary, in order to enrich the study, and the researchers reached a number of findings and recommendations, and the most important result was: that the litigation may be intercepted by situations that lead to affecting the course of its outcome, such as endowment and omission. The researchers recommended the necessity of expanding the study of the judicial litigation and what influences it in the cases of stopping and abrogation, due to its importance in determining the legal positions of the parties.

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