Mass Communication Minor Selection Gap. Why are Students Choosing Public Relations over Advertising or Journalism?

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Khazim Khazam


One of the main problems Mass Communication colleges are facing in United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the fact that students are selecting Public Relations over other minors such Journalism and Advertising. In this paper, we explore the several factors that affect student decision in selecting a minor. The paper tries to answer the following question: Do variables such as age, citizenship, culture, religion, future prospects (such as readiness for employability after graduation) and influence of external factors (such as family or university staff) affect minor selection? We find that gender and citizen play a role in determining the minor selection. We also find that the lack of external effect from university staff can be used to better balance the numbers between the three minors.

The research offers several suggestions on what both Universities as well as the government of UAE can take to better divert students towards mass communication minors (Journalism and Advertising) including placing a cap on number of students enrolled in Public Relations minor, holding workshops and introducing students to benefits and advantages of other minors (Mainly journalism and Advertising).

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