An Intelligent Human-Computer Agent

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Surbhi Saroha, Mamta Bansal, Anil K Ahlawat


A Chatbot is a software application.  It is the real time chat between a computer and a human.  It requires continuous testing.  Smart bot interacts with users in their Natural language. The bot can be able to detect emotions on the basis of words used. Chatbot are currently gaining a lot of popularity. As they have automate customer service and reduce human efforts. Its aim is the communication with the user with the help of AIML files and Natural Language Processing (NLP). 

All Chatbot have two functions, namely understanding and answering.  Chatbot’s are of high significance as they are high automated programs that interact with humans just like a human would do.  They are cost effective.  They interact with human without any time bound and location bound.  In this Chatbot we will be making a Chatbot which can express emotions just like humans.  It would be human machine conversation and interactions.  In order to remove the complexity Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) bots will be made. They provide a user interface which allows users to type commands and receive instant replays.

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