Underwater fish identification And species classification using image processing

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Mr.Daniel NareshKumar.M, Juturu Jayanth, Edupuganti Jignas, N.V. Sai Bhuvan


Identifying fishes has been an important  task.  Fish  identification  is  not only for the conservation purpose but for many other tasks like for marine scientist mainly for the purpose of researches, for survey about the range of  location  of  the  fish and so on. Even there are  many medicines which are made  from  fishes  to cure the  bacterial  diseases  in  humans.  So, in  this project we identify the fishes  and the different species of fishes using image processing. However here we used four different species of fishes  to  be  identified like the “Common carp, Gold fish, Oscar  Fish, European Seabass”

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