MMC-UPFC for Transmission Congestion & Voltage Stability Enhancement using MOIDEA Optimization

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Dr.Geetha Ramadas, Mallavolu MalleswaraRao


This paper offers a Multi-objective Improved Differential Evolutionary algorithm (MOIDEA) for ultimate allocation of Modular Multilevel Converter based totally Unified power glide Controllers (MMC-UPFC). MMC-UPFC is the most convenient facts own family device suitable for coping with both congestion and voltage profiles as we manage the electricity markets. The maximum appropriate place for solving the MMC-UPFC is identified primarily based on identifying the weakest bus in the modern-day system. To optimize multi-goal function, the most effective goal and length are diagnosed by using the Multi-goal improved Differential Evolutionary algorithm (MOIDEA), which is made of a spread of things that outline device security, voltage deviation, system overload, and actual electricity loss. The proposed paintings might be implemented on a MAT-LAB / simulation platform, and the effectiveness of the proposed scheme tested the use of the IEEE 30 bus system is compared with techniques..

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