Smart Shopping

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Y.Alexander Jeevanantham, M.Aparna Raji, A.Gayathri, K.Kaushalya, V.Keerthana


Today, people in the world are highly dependent on technology and our inventions are made with an idea ‘instant’. But there are still some situations that waste our valuable time. One of them is our shopping time. The major drawback is the time we spend in the queue for billing as it consumes customer's time and also makes them frustrated. This situation is the source for our project. To avoid this queue issue, we try to develop a system that instantly shows the bill for products that the customer has taken. This can be done by using a barcode reader. It scans the products and increments the bill amount accordingly. Also, the product is counted using an IR sensor. The IR count is checked with the barcode reader count to ensure integrity and if not matched, a buzzer alerts the customer. There may be situations where a consumer wishes to remove some products and it can also be done by a similar process. The bill amount will be displayed on the trolley through an LCD and also on the consumer’s mobile using an IOT application. Thereby, after purchasing, consumers can just pay their bill to the shop and leave. Thus, we have eliminated the time which the consumers spend standing in a queue. This can be implemented for smart shopping.

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