Portable Solar Coat For E-Vehicle

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S. Anita, Shyam Sundar Vh, Shabarinath P, Vignesh M, Jabamani T


Electric vehicle has got more advantages than normal combustion engine vehicles with no air pollution, no noise, saving energy and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. In general, an electric vehicle runs on rechargeable battery. We charge those batteries from an external power supply, which takes long time to charge completely. Charging stations are not portable and there won’t be any charging station in remote areas. In our proposed system we are reducing the time by charging the battery using solar flexible PV modules which help in charging the battery by converting light energy from sun to electrical power. In case of an electric car, flexible solar cells will be stitched with the car cover which helps covering large area of the car providing high energy to charge the battery. The solar cells cannot generate power up to its potential.  So, Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT) is used to track high power and transfers energy to the battery. With this, in good sunny days, it is possible to charge 40% of battery completely using solar energy. In battery management system in order to increase the life of the battery low-cutoff and high-cutoff circuits are proposed..

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