Smartphone Controlled End-Effector

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Dr. Geetha Ramadas ,Vimala. M; Sankamitra R ; Sumathisree A ;Vanitha K ; Vishnu Priya K; Geethaanjali Baskar


Robotic hands are still beyond a horizon from matching the grasping and manipulating capability of their human complements. To reduce the involvement of human beings in certain dangerous applications, this approach presents an acquisition method that extensively looks for the design of the human hand. The information obtained through this procedure is further analyzed, transfigured, and used to synthesize a reduced space of a robotic hand. It is mainly implemented based on wireless communication technology. The proposed system consists of an application that is installed in the smartphone and passes information to the Bluetooth module. The module converts information into data packets. The data is transferred to the servo motor through Arduino. The servo motor rotates as per the data received. At last, the robotic hand moves according to the rotation of the servo motor. Nowadays many industries use this robot hand for the safety of the people working where they use harmful chemicals like bromine chloride or others which are harmful to the skin.

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