Corporate Social Responsibility - A Way to Achieve Inclusive Growth in India Post Covid-19

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Meenakshi Sharma


In today’s business environment, Corporate Social Responsibility has reflected in the creation of a new attitude towards entrepreneurship. Corporations can no longer act as only economic entities operating merely for maximizing profit. For businesses, the need of the hour is to face global challenges by incorporating economic, social and environmental consciousness in management strategies. Corporate Social Responsibility is now dynamically embedded in each and every corporation’s agenda. Corporate social responsibility may be defined as when a company shows socially accountable attitude towards its stakeholders; which includes its employees, customers, shareholders, government and the society in which it operates. No doubt, our country will face many developmental issues during and post this pandemic period, but we can address them to some extent by implementing CSR initiatives collectively through public-private partnerships. The present paper call attention towards the significance of CSR in our country, India and to find out how we can channelize CSR funds in different development sectors to achieve inclusive growth post Covid-19.

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