Mems Sensor Based Duplex Communication for Recognizing ASL

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S. Mahaboob Basha, G. Sushmitha, G. Ramya, M.Selvapriya, J. Navin Sankar


Language is the tool to which people use to express their thoughts and feelings. But when it comes to people like deaf and dumb (needy), the language differs. It is silent and is known as “Sign language”. This paper works at giving sounds to their signs and speech to their thoughts. The applied system is developed to grant the communication between normal and needy people. The accessory consists of a wireless gauntlet with adx1335.These sensors feel the movement of the duke and fingers and it is programmed in Arduino. The Arduino will construe these movements from signs to English words and additionally,there is a computerized digital display that gives the string to the related gestures and resulting in images like emojis. The applied application of the accessory provides an able means of conversation between the needy and normal people. Thus, the system abates the gap amidst them where it has been activated and it gives an acceptable result.

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