Analysis and Simulation of Hybrid Power Generation Using Flywheel Generated Electrical Power for Integration with Solar Energy

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S. Mahaboob Basha, E. Saranya, M. Saranya, R. Sangamithra, J. Navin Sankar


In order to recover the worldwide energy demand better option is hybrid system. A combination of solar, wind, hydro etc. are the renewable energy sources used for hybrid system for present transmission distributing system. During this paper, we discussed about the power output of the hybrid installation which is affected by steadiness problem and different types of controllers used. The major problems that arises during hybrid power generation is stability and power standard. To overcome this problems many varieties of devices and different methods can be implemented. Nowadays the most usable method is hybrid system installation. The large amount of the relies upon the employment of varieties of controllers and its techniques which is employed for optimum power production in integrated system with better power standards.

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