A Preliminary Review on Resource Allocation Within a Software Team

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R. Mamatha , Dr K. G. Suma


Currently, in the IT industry people factor has become more crucial at the time of determining the project quality. Resource allocation in modern software engineering is the art of recognizing the best available resources for the project, then assigning them to a team and monitoring their workload throughout the development process, and re-assigning resources if at all required. There exist no quick and ready-made solutions for the human resource allocation problem. Project managers however can estimate by using tested guide-lines that are based on experience and data. In software projects, one cannot even precisely answer how accurate is the allocation of a resource is because the only way to ascertain the accuracy of allocation is to compare it with the actual available resources. Hence the project manager's goal is to allocate the available resources to maximize employee productivity. There exist many commercial tools for allocating the task to the employee but no intelligent tool is available to automatically delegate the work among the team. This method will make use of existing project-related data to find the useful information of the work that is done by the team member to automatically allocate the new task.

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