Awareness and Perceptions of Tertiary Students of Arunachal Pradesh towards Flipped Classroom

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Jumri Riba, Prof.Lokanath Mishra


The goal of the paper is to review the awareness and perceptions of tertiary students towards flipped classroom approach. A mixed-method research paradigm has been employed to accomplish the objectives of the present work. The tertiary students, of Arunachal Pradesh, India were the target populations of the study. Total of 150 students was drawn as a study sample through a simple random sampling technique. Data was collected using a self-made questionnaire consisting of 21 items and Focus Group Discussion (FGD). The study showed that most of the tertiary students of Arunachal Pradesh are aware of the flipped classroom and perceived that flipped classroom provided learners to increase motivation, self-discipline, increase self-confidence, better student-teacher interaction with the additional opportunity to seek help immediately from their peers whenever they faced any questions

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