“A Case Study On Emplloyee Engagement “At Hdfc Life Insurance

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dr.Vangaveti Yugandhar, dr.K.Veeraiah ,dr.K.Anil Kumar


Recent Years Have Seen Employee Engagement Become A Hot Topic. Despite This, The Topic Is Still A Hot One. There Is Not Enough Academic Literature And Little Information About How Management Can Influence Employee Engagement. The Lack Of A Common Definition Of Employee Involvement Is One Of The Major Challenges In Today's Field Of Employee Engagement. Kahn, One The Pioneers Of The Field Of Employee Involvement, Defines Employee Engagement As "Harnessing The Organization Members." Employee Engagement Is The Level Of Commitment That Employees Have, Both Emotionally And Intellectually, To The Organization's Mission And Work. An Employee's Engagement Can Be Described As A Higher Level Of Ownership, Where They Want To Do Their Best For Their Customers And Internal Customers. Engagement Is Not A Passing Trend. It Has Clear Business Benefits. Engagement Can Be Seen As A Competitive Advantage. It Is Difficult To Raise Engagement Levels And Maintain Them. This Is Why It Takes Effort And Commitment. Positive Engagement Statements Show A Positive Attitude And Pride In The Company's Products. Bad Experiences Can Be Prevented And Minimized By Organizations. They Must Also Ensure That Employees' Needs, Including Those Of Professionals, Are Met.

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