The Effect of Utilizing Proleptic Teaching for Enhancing Rhetorical Features of Writing and Reducing Writing Anxiety of Iraqi EFL Learners

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Nabaa Fadhil


 This paper reports a study which investigated the effect of proleptic teaching to enhance writing rhetorical feature and reduce writing anxiety. This study is experimental research design with randomized control group design. The total number of participants was 87 learners who were in two different groups: experimental group and control group. There were 43 learners in the experimental group and 44 learners in the control group. The result of the pre-test showed that both the experimental group and the control group were equal and homogenous. Since the statistical computation yielded significant value p = 0.890 which was higher than α =0.05. The analysis of writing test in post-test yielded p= .027 which was smaller than α = 0.05. Thus, it can be concluded that proleptic teaching can significantly improve the learners’ writing achievement and reduce writing anxiety.

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