Comparison of 2017 5th Grade Information Technologies and Software Course Draft Curriculum and 21012 Information Technologies and Software Course Curriculum

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Gülten Feryal Gündüz, Elif Buğra Kuzu Demir


Advances in information technologies (IT) that became prominent since the 1980’s gained significance in the 21st century based on the integration of computer technologies with the education-instruction processes and the developments in the fields of technology. In this context, one of the most important steps taken in Turkey was the introduction of the IT course in almost all educational levels to train qualified computer literate individuals. Various new regulations and developments have introduced to the junior high school information technologies and software (ITS) course curriculum based on the developments in science and technologies and the changes introduced to the education system by the Ministry of National Education. The last two of these changes were implemented in 2012 and 2017. The objective of the study was to examine and compare the 2017 draft ITS course curriculum with the 2012 ITS curriculum and demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of the draft compared to the previous curriculum. The study was conducted as case study, a qualitative research method. The data were gathered with document review and semi-structured interviews. Participants included 20 junior high school ITS course teachers determined with snowball sampling method. The data were analyzed by the descriptive analysis method. Based on the findings, it can be stated that the 2017 draft ITS curriculum has more advantages compared to the 2012 curriculum and the teachers considered the new curriculum draft more effective and applicable. However, it was determined that the textbook should be immediately developed before the implementation of the curriculum.

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