Organizational-pedagogical conditions of successful professional orientation of senior pupils in the school

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Smirnova Zhanna Venediktovna, Olga Takhirovna Cherney, Chaikina Zhanna Vladimirovna, Zhulkova Julia Nikolaevna, Bezrukova Natalia Alekseevna,


This article examines the organizational and pedagogical conditions for the successful vocational guidance of senior pupils at school. At the moment, the problem of helping students in choosing a profession is relevant and controlled by the state.

The problem of creating a reliable system of vocational guidance has always been considered a nationwide one, the solution of which is enshrined in the national project "Education". The author carried out a study on the problem of the need to identify organizational and pedagogical conditions for organizing effective vocational guidance for senior pupils by means of additional education. As part of the study of the problem of professional self-determination of high school students and professional

orientation age patterns of personality formation, the author considered a number of issues in other works of researchers and scientists. An experimental experiment was carried out on the readiness of high school students in one of the schools in Nizhny Novgorod to choose a profession for further education in universities. The author has developed a questionnaire with surveys of high school students. Based on the analysis of the questionnaire, the result of the primary and repeated diagnostics of readiness to choose a profession among senior pupils was obtained according to the method of V.B. Uspensky (in%). Based on the research done, the conclusion was formulated that the implementation of the additional general developmental program "My PROF Choice" will help to most effectively organize the vocational guidance of students.

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