Logistics Of A Commercial Enterprise: Innovations In The Warehouse

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Lebedeva Tatiana Evgenievna, Smirnova Zhanna Venediktovna, Krylova Tatiana Valentinovna, Golubeva Olga Vladislavovna, Shkunova Angelika Arkadievna,


The Article Considers Logistics Innovations In The Warehouse Of A Commercial Enterprise. Nowadays, Warehouse Logistics Is A Rapidly Growing Structure Of The Company's Logistics, Which Is Directly Related To The Operation Of The Transport Infrastructure. The Most Progressive Global Innovations In The Warehouse Sector Are Considered. The Efficiency Of The Warehouse Technological Process Is Proved By Providing Clear, Consistent And Thoughtful Execution Of Warehouse Operations. The Possibility Of Using Innovations In Warehouse Logistics Is Considered On The Example Of A Commercial Enterprise. The Authors Suggest Improving The Warehouse Management Through The Introduction Of Two Systems: "Bin Location Warehousing" And "Remote Warehousing". Their Introduction Will Lead To More Efficient Use Of Warehouse Area, Lower Costs, Transparency Of Warehouse Operations, And Improved Customer Service. After The Introduction Of The Bin Location Storage System In Warehouses, The Output Of Pickers Should Increase From 33% To 103%. The Speed Of Order Picking Will Increase For Supervisors By 15.5%, And For Pickers By 37.4%. Errors In Order Picking Will Also Be Reduced: The Number Of Monthly Claims Decreased By 76.5%; Miscalculation Errors Decreased By 10.3%; Cross-Picking Errors By 75%. It Is Proved That With Minimal Financial Costs, It Is Possible To Increase The Output Of Any Warehouse By At Least 10-15% Only With The Help Of A Well-Developed “Bin Location Warehousing” Technology. With The Introduction Of The "Remote Warehouse" Solution, The Number Of Product Positions Will Increase By 13.2% And The Number Of Customers By 13.9%. The Results Of The Study Allow To Conclude That The Introduction Of Innovations "Bin Location Warehouse" And "Remote Warehouse" In The Warehouse Logistics Of A Commercial Enterprise Will Contribute To Profit Growth With Minimal Financial And Time Costs. 

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