Contents And Structures Of The Professional Training Program In Higher Education

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Kasimov Shavkat Uralovich, Omonov Rashid Sherkobilovich, Mamatmuminova Muhabbat, Toshpulatov Boyburi Boymuratovich


Providing Close Cooperation Between Vocational Education And Production, Improving The Quality Of Vocational Education, And Continuous Improvement Of The Educational Process Is An Urgent Task For Reforming The System Of Professional Education, Training Personnel Capable Of Actively And Effectively Participating In The Process Of Its Sustainable Growth And Modernization. In The Lesson Of Preparation For The Profession, Students Acquire The Skills, Abilities, Competencies And Competences Of Interdependence. From A Pedagogical Point Of View, Competence - Is Interpreted As A Combination Of The Knowledge, Skills And Experience Of Individuals With Certain Social And Professional Status To The Extent Of The Complexity Of The Tasks And Problems They Perform. Suitable For The Competence Approach We Are Considering Are The “Competence” And “Jurisdiction”, Which Differ In Each Other. The Article Describes The Objectives Of Continuous Improvement, Effectiveness And Adaptation Of The Content Of Professional Education, As Well As The Components Of Practical Professional Education.

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