How do Local Governments Communicate and Facilitate the Implementation of Investment Paradiplomacy?

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Ahmad Harakan, Nuryanti Mustari , Abel Alfred Kinyondo, Kittisak Jermsittiparsert


This article discusses the practice of local government in communicating and facilitating investment paradiplomacy practices. Since decentralization has become the practice of modernizing the division of tasks between the central government and Local Governments, paradiplomacy has become a concept and practice involved and provides diversity in developing cooperation in regional development. In an era without borders with the proliferation of intranet and internet communication channels, local governments have easy access to building a vision of internationalization, increasing the capacity and capability of competitive human resources to promoting regional potential that can not only be known nationally but also internationalization. This study uses a type of qualitative research. This research came from interviews and field observations in South Sulawesi, Indonesia; besides that, they compiled various references to strengthen the analysis and conclusions. Since the fall of the New Order and the concept and policy of autonomy in Indonesia, local governments have had a unique opportunity to make formal presentations on resource promotion, investment activities, and human resource enhancement. This is also true in South Sulawesi, wherefrom the start, it has responded to these opportunities and opportunities with a series of activities that facilitate the implementation of investment paradiplomacy practices such as the availability of regional regulations, development of service and information infrastructure, and promotion of regional potential in domestic and overseas expo activities.


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