The Quality Of Instruction Of The Teacher Education Institution (Tei) Of North Luzon Philippines State College

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Andres T. Malinnag


This study made use of the descriptive-correlational method; benchmarking activities were employed to selected SUCs.  The frequency and percentage count; the mean was used; the Pearson product moment correlation was also used.

The quality of instruction of NLPSC-TEI were concluded with the following: The competency level of the Personnel Profile when correlated were significant to TAT; the same with FS-STP; and to LET Board Performance of the student-teachers, respectively. The TAT and FS-STP when corelated was not significant. However, there was a significant relationship of the TAT and the LET performance of the student-teachers. The TAT is a factor that can predict greater chances in the LET performance of the students. Thus, the overall quality of instruction of the NLPSC-TEI was determined to be dependent on the input and process indicators mentioned in this study.

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