Research on the Relationship between Clothing Product Attributes and Consumer Experience in Online Sales

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Baoru Ge, Nazlina Shaari


product attributes refer to the characteristics that define a service or product. Product attributes deliver benefits through the tangible aspects of the product, that is, product appearance design, and the intangible feature, that is, product quality. Consumption experience is different from information processing, mainly related to the consumers' aesthetic taste and hedonic purpose. In online clothing sales, product attributes of clothing, including product appearance design, and product quality, consumers' consumption experience, including aesthetic taste and hedonic purposes, are the main factors that affect consumers' online buying behavior. This article uses the method of literature sources to re-organize the characteristics and meanings of product appearance, product quality, aesthetic taste, and hedonic purpose. Moreover, this article discuss the relationship between product design and product quality, the relationship between consumers' aesthetic taste and consumers' hedonic purpose, and the relationship between product design and consumers' aesthetic taste.

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