Customers’ Behavioural Intention To Use E-Banking Services

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S.Sathish, Dr.chi.nanjappa


In India, Information Technology And The Communication Networking Systems Have Made Revolution In The Financial Sector Particularly In Banking. Due To Demonetization And 4G Mobile Technology, Accessing With The Bank Through Technology Has Reached The Momentum. Though The Technology Is Going Faster In One Side, On The Other Side Crime Is Also Growing With The Same Speed. People Know The Application Of The Technology And Do Not Aware Of The Risks Which Are Associated With It. In Spite Of The Efforts Taken By The Government And The Banks To Strengthen The Protection Against Crimes, Still Most People’s Bank Accounts Are Robbed. In This Background, The Study Has Been Carried Out To Know The Opinion Of The Customers About The Risks In E-Banking And Their Behavioural Interest To Use The E-Banking Services. This Study Consisted Of 540 Sample Respondents And The Information Collected From Them Were Analysed By Using Simple Percentages, Standard Deviation And Multiple Regression Analysis. The Study Found That The Risks Reduce The Behavioural Intention To Use The E-Banking Services And Concluded With Suitable Suggestions.

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