Perception towards Green Products In Karur District

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P.Padma, Dr.Chi.Nanjappa


India is the second largest country in the case of population. Due to excessive extraction of natural resources, use of heat emitting instruments and deforestation, nature is causing some drastic effects on India. Hence, everyone has diverted their attention towards the protection of environment thereby keeping them protected from the ill effects of diseases and natural calamities. In order to protect the environment, people are changing their attitude towards the purchase of environmentally friendly products i.e. green products. In this background, it has been decided to carry out a research on the perception level of consumers towards green products in Karur district of Tamil Nadu. For the purpose of analysis, data has been collected from 100 respondents and was analyzed by using percentage analysis and Chi-Square Test and Ranking Analysis. The study concludes with findings and suitable suggestions.

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