Provisions of Electronic Inheritance

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Dr. Kays Abdulwahhab Issa Al-Sheik, Rana Saad


       The idea of electronic inheritance is one of thejurisprudential  questions that recently appeared on the scene during this decade which characterized by tremendous and rapid development in the information technology network and its various applications.Therefore,  the individual  had financial and non-financial accounts and electronic assets. This provoked controversy over the fate of these accounts after the death of the user. This necessitated finding jurisprudential and legal solutions that determine the fate of the electronic legacy within frameworks consistent with the general  laws of inheritance as well as the rules relating to the human right to private life.Thus, determining the provisions for the transfer of this legacy by inheritance are the subject of our  present study. We  hope that  we attract the attention of the  Iraqi legislator and users of electronic services to the need to take care of the question of electronic inheritance.There is the need to organize them in a way that it  takes into consideration the interest of the user and the inheritors  in order to reinforce confidence in the means of the digital age that continues to develop in a  tremendous way.

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