Duration Of The Development Phases In The Control Seedlings Of Autumn Soft Willow Lines, Which Came To The Konstant State

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R.I.Siddikov,Т.А.Rakhimov, I.U.Egamov, N.Kh.Yusupov, T.E.Nadjimov


In The Field Of Agriculture, Cereals Require All The Available Opportunities To Increase Grain Yield And Grain Quality, First Of All, By Studying The Characteristics Of Early Ripening, To Increase Their Genetic Characteristics, Potential Yield Opportunities. Therefore, In Our Study, The Duration And Yield Of 37 Lines And Local Varietal-Growth Phases, Which Became Stable During The Selection Processes Of Winter Soft Wheat, Were Studied In The Control Seed-Plot.

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