Biotopic Distribution And Ecology Of Terrestrial Molluscs (Mollusca: Gastropoda, Pulmonata) In Some Cities Of Uzbekistan

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Ruzikulova Nilufar Abdumazhidovna, Izzatullaev Zuvaid Izzatullaevich , Daminov Asadullo Suvonovich


As A Result Of The Study, 26 Species Of Terrestrial Gastropods Were Found In The Studied Territories. For The First Time, Four Biotopes Of Molluscs Have Been Identified On The Territory Of Cities, Among Them Parks And Arboreal Communities Are The Richest In Terms Of The Number Of Mollusk Species. Taking Into Account The Need Of Terrestrial Mollusks For Biotope Moisture, They Are Divided Into Three Main Groups And One Intermediate. According To The Stationary Confinement, The Biotopes Of Terrestrial Gastropods Are Divided Into 8 Groups. The Characteristics Of Each Of Them Are Given.

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