Incidence Of Trigeminal Neuralgia In A University Hospital Setting - A Retrospective Analysis

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Lakshya Rani.S, G.Maragathavalli


Classic Trigeminal Neuralgia (Tn) Is One Of The Most Painful Disorders Of The Orofacial Region. It Can Be Described As Recurrent And Abrupt Electric Shock Like Pains. Tn Affects One Or More Branches Of The Trigeminal Nerve, Mostly Second Or Third Division. It Is Usually Unilateral In Occurrence And Seen More Frequently In Older Populations.The Present Study Aims To Determine The Incidence Of Trigeminal Neuralgia (Tn) Among The Patients Of Saveetha Dental College And Hospitals. This Study Is A Retrospective Study Conducted In A University Hospital  Setting.  The Study Population Consists Of 24 Patients With Orofacial Neuralgia Who Had Reported To The Department Of Oral Medicine And Radiology, Saveetha Dental College And Hospitals, Chennai, India. The Data Regarding The Age, Gender, Orofacial Neuralgia And Clinical Presentation Of The Patients Were Retrieved From Patients Records And Analysed .The Data With A Total 86000 Patients Records Between June2019 To March 2020 Were Taken  And After Fulfillment Of Inclusion And Exclusion Criteria, A Final Sample Of 24 Patients Were Considered. The Data Were Tabulated And Analysed By Spss Software And Statistics Done Using Chi Square Test With Significance Kept At P<0.05. The Incidence Of Trigeminal Neuralgia Was Found To Be 83.3% Whereas The Incidence Of Other Orofacial Neuralgia  Was Found To Be 16.7%. The Majority Of The Study Population Was In The Age Group Of 41-70 Years. Males (54.1%) Dominated The Study Population Than Females (45.8%).  The Study Showed That Trigeminal Neuralgia Was More Prevalent In Males (45.8%) And Females (37.5%) And Was Also Found  More Prevalent Over 55 Years Of Age (45.8% ) .

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