A study on Influence of Social Media on Digital Marketing

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Dr. Ambar Beharay, Dr. Pranati Tilak


Hashtags ! Likes ! Tweets ! are no more just slang language. They are the official buzz-words used in marketing of business giants today. In this 21st century, social media has proved to be the most powerful tool to promote and make your business sustainable.

The social media craze's recent rise in prominence has inspired many advertisers to consider practical as well as conventional media. Primarily dependent on Internet and cellular phone applications and tools the  number  of  social  media  users  is  more  than  the  population  of  some  of  the  countries  today.  The significance of social media is measured by measuring the change in sales both before and after the technology has been implemented.

Though traditional methods or strategies are used by marketers to promote their products and services, immense use of  social  media  has forced the  marketers  to  adapt  online social platforms to advertise products and services over a bigger mass. Social media platforms are extensively used through  internet  connected devices like computers, mobile / cellular phones, tablets. Impact  of  social  media  on  marketing  can  be  judged  by  comparing  marketing  before  social  media  and  marketing  after  the introduction of social media and the type of technologies used in social media. While many books are interesting and insightful, an ideal writer may not have to be familiar with science, history, or philosophy in order to create a great work of art, he or she must be familiar with those areas in order to paint meaningful and complex images for the lay reader.

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