Media- A Double Edged Sword

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Dr. Meera Deshmukh, Archana Shaha, Monali Kohinkar


Media is the best way of communication between individuals as well as groups. Nowadays the channels for communication are endless. It begins from communication of newspaper to instant satellite communication. Entry of internet into the picture changed the scene drastically. Media influences the entire mankind irrespective of age, social status and gender. All the medias especially internet, television have advantages as well as disadvantages. They can be termed as ‘double-edged sword’. All the modes of communication have the potential to develop positive and negative effects on human. The outcomes may be in the form of health problems (physical as well as mental), behavioral violence, loneliness, depression, lack of self worth, loss of confidence, development of negative attitude and beliefs and many more. Certain category of group of people groups such as children, financially backward population, sick people, elderly people are the immediate victims of negative effects of media. By educating and creating awareness amongst these groups regarding handling of the media will help them to be part of a civilized society. In this review we discuss how media especially visual and social Medias act as double edged sword on children of the society.     

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